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We Should all be Stretching

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

for Just 10 minutes a day we should all be stretching can help keep our bodies and minds mobile and resilient, let stretch inc. show you how.

What is so important that baseball has built it into the game for players and fans?

Any guesses?


Stretching is a fundamental activity that is so often overlooked. Studies have shown that it’s almost as valuable to the body as sleeping and drinking water.

Sleeping allows the body to heal and repair, reducing stress and helping us feel rejuvenated. Drinking water stabilises the heartbeat, helps to cushion the joints, and aids our cells in carrying nutrients and oxygen. And stretching? It also encourages all of those things and more.

We stretch intuitively but don’t set enough time aside to practice regularly or learn about its benefits.

Think about it. When we wake up, we stretch. When we’ve been sitting in the car or at our desks or even, in our pre-covid lives, after a movie in a cinema, our bodies remind us that we need to stretch. American baseball’s 7th inning stretch gives fans a chance to stretch their legs and walk around.

Unlike sleeping and drinking water, the average person has to be reminded to stretch beyond the fleeting moments of waking up or twisting in their chair occasionally. But we should give more time and thought to stretching. It’s a powerful tool for keeping our bodies and minds mobile and resilient. For many, 2020 was about learning to be flexible in mind and body, in 2021 let’s put those lessons into action.

Just 10 minutes of stretching a day can help alleviate minor aches, pains and tightness. Physically, you will likely find that you move with more ease in all aspects of your life.

Contrary to popular opinion, stretching isn’t only for before and after workouts, it’s for everyone, at any time. We shouldn’t let our fitness levels, age, or perceived lack of flexibility get in the way of starting.

Stretching also provides an opportunity to slow down your mind, tune into your body, and navigate your life with more mental clarity. In ten minutes, you could relieve muscle tension, lower your heart rate and take a mini-break from chronic stress. Over a sustained period, stretching can lead to reduced pain and increased range of motion, both of which can impact mental health by lessening anxiety

Stretching helps you to move better, feel better, and live better. We advise that our clients dedicate 10 minutes a day, three times a week to stretching. You don’t need any equipment or special clothes, only yourself and a small space to move in.

Want to try a one-on-one assisted stretch? Find us in London when restrictions have lifted at the stretch inc. studios in Seven Dials (9–11 Short’s Gardens)

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